Tucker plastic clips for fastening trim and seals

Trim and seal fasteners from STANLEY

  • Optimum design
  • Technical plastics
  • Long service life
  • Gas-proof and waterproof according to model

STANLEY offers solutions that are tailor-made to the customer requirements, for example, for components which require several identical fastening points, such as trim or seals.


If the fastening element is to be mounted during final assembly, bulk goods or taped and reeled products can be used. These can be mounted onto welding studs or in a drillhole.


Taped and reeled clips are mounted using the semi-automatic PlastiKwick gun. The clips can also be pre-assembled by the suppliers as bulk or taped and reeled goods. The Plastifast system with the PSK die head offers excellent process reliability.


This is integrated into a fully automatic assembly facility, ensuring exact feeding position and short assembly paths for the plastic clip. An example is shown in this video:

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