Plastifast - automatic assembly of plastic elements in mass production

Plastifast is a sophisticated system of plastic parts and assembly equipment for mass production.

Applications in the supply industry for pre-assembly of trim, soft trim, seals, etc.

Plastic fastener elements are supplied as taped and reeled products; they are mounted fully automatically using the Plastifast PSK die head.

The Plastifast PST control is based on SPS technology and is open for all customer interfaces.

  • Press on
  • Knock open
  • Push on
  • Expand



In OEM final assembly


Plasti-Kwick PLK semi-automatic setting gun for fast and simple processing of plastic clips.

  • Knock open


To summarise, PLASTIFAST® represents

  • Process reliability
  • Shorter process times
  • Reproducible process
  • Efficient modification of assembly force