Ancillaries for Tucker stud welding equipment

TUCKER's range of ancillaries provides a wide variety of aids completing the automobile body-in-white.

Efficient Quality Assurance

Welding results may be affected by external factors. This does not necessarily mean bad welding, but merely signifies that upper or lower limits of defined parameters were exceeded.

The welding positions affected are marked immediately after welding by means of a color coding system. In the subsequent quality assurance process, the fastening point is located quickly and efficiently.

Testing – Marking - Optimizing - Adjusting...


Choose from a wide range of Tucker ancillaries

  • Balancers
  • Cable package guiding
  • Earth connector
  • Feeding switch
  • Color coding
  • Testing tools
  • Nozzles and guide bushings
  • Adapter plates
  • Dirt protection
  • Racks
  • ...

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