Feed unit for Tucker stud welding equipment

Tucker feed units are filled with Tucker weld studs in bulk. Individual studs are extracted and placed in the welding tool via the feed tube. The whole process is controlled by the DCE energy source.

Non-aggressive separation and secure feeding. Easy to service with a clear separation between electrical control and all pneumatic components.
Different feed units can be used according to the stud geometry. Our experts modify the unit to suit your requirements exactly.


ETF 21 – step conveyor for weld studs with length of up to 32 mm

ETF 12 - vibration feeder for weld studs with a length of over 32 mm

The use of a feeding switch can raise flexibility within production cells significantly. The feeding switch allows two studs with similar geometry to be fed to a single welding tool.

Further components of Tucker stud welding units


Tucker energy sources

Tucker welding tools

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