Weldfast welding equipment

Metal parts of any shape can be welded on directly. Simple, efficient and automated like stud welding.

  • No more contact surface for corrosion - joining without gaps
  • Flat welded joint along almost the whole profile
  • Simplified assembly - access to the welding point is only required on one side
  • Can be fully automated - up to six pieces per minute
  • Seamless service right from the start - from bracket design to a complete production facility

A Weldfast equipment is customised for your specific application. Robotised, static or manual, exactly according to your requirements.

The equipment comprises:


DCE Max control and power source for reliable applications


LM 242 weld head for robotised or static application


WFF 500 bulk feeder for Weldfast brackets


PLM 242 weld gun for manual applications


WFF 100 stacking magazine for Weldfast brackets