Weldfast – direct welding of metal brackets

Metal parts of any shape can be welded on directly. Simple, efficient and automated like stud welding.

  • No more contact surface for corrosion - joining without gaps
  • Flat welded joint along almost the whole profile
  • Simplified assembly - access to the welding point is only required on one side
  • Can be fully automated - up to six pieces per minute
  • Seamless service right from the start - from retainer design to a complete production facility

Weldfast brackets


Since a spot-welded flange is not used, the brackets offer savings of up to 75% in material with the same stability and functionality.
One bracket replaces up to four different parts. Fully automated feed for mass production. 

With Weldfast brackets

  • Fastening
  • Positioning
  • Assembly

Weldfast welding equipment


Weldfast welding equipment welds metal brackets directly onto the surface with maximum energy efficiency.
A facility comprises

  • DCE MAX power source
  • Welding tools: weld head or weld gun
  • Feeder systems: stacking magazine or bulk goods feeder