Weld heads and weld guns for Tucker stud welding equipment

TUCKER stud welding tools with linear motor technology are characterised by their positioning accuracy. Their high operational reliability and compact design have proved an excellent advantage for the production of large and small series.
The lateral stud feed which runs parallel to the head facilitates movability of the weld head; the space required is reduced to a minimum.
The linear motor drive records the strokes via a positioning transducer. This controls exact adherence to the defined lift height and the depth of penetration into the weld pool. A cushioned dipping process with variable speed can be adjusted according to material usage and properties.


  • LM 310 for robotised applications
  • LM 240 for static applications
  • PLM 560 for manual applications
  • PLM 200 for semi-automated applications

PK series weld guns without linear motor and feed units are available for very small series or for repair and reworking stations.

All welding tools can be fitted with an inert gas option for welding aluminium or stainless steel studs.

Further components of Tucker stud welding units


Tucker energy sources

Tucker feed units

Tucker ancillaries