T-series - Easy, Robust, Energy Efficient!

The New Generation Studwelding Technology


The new equipment generation of Tucker studwelsing equipment allows for an easy, robust and energy efficient studwelding.



The new hardware and software architecture enables the system to be integrated into the modern communication structures with our Automotive customers and provides the necessary welding processes for today's lightweight materials. At the same time the operating has become easy and intuitive.


One important aspect developing the new system was to grant a much higher energy efficiency in system operation.

The application of sensor technology minimises the risk of unscheduled stoppages. The consumables' wear is detected and notified in due time.

Security policies based on EC Machinery Directive (Performance Level D) have been taken into account.

New Hardware and Software Architecture


Same microcontroller in energy supply unit TE 1500 for SMPS (weld current) and LM (lift).

Based on the proved and tested welding process T-series is prepared for future weld process requirements for

  • New steel alloys
  • New sheet metal coatings
  • AC for aluminium
  • Ring flange studs


Completely monitored and event-driven feeding process

  • Reduces source of errors
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Reduces energy consumption (air)
  • Simplifies trouble shooting
  • Minimises unscheduled stoppages


Optimised energy distribution architecture (valves, transformers)

  • Reduces cacle time
  • Reduces energy consumption (air and electricity)
  • Inline with AIDA requirements (PEC, sleep by wire, etc.)
  • Able to fulfil performance level D


New CPM board in TE 1500

  • Modern processor technology and database functions
  • Networking and data management for all individual customer requirements
  • Customized HMI requirements
  • logbook functions
  • statistical analysis
  • parameter trend control

TH 510 - The New Weld Head for Robust and Fast Studwelding


New Weld Head TH 510 with considerably longer lifetime

  • Internal strain relief at adapter plate 
  • Low-wear fixation for multi-coupling
  • Savings with maintenance effort
  • Less number of spare parts and wear parts
  • Higher availabilty
  • Foolproof connections

Energy savings

  • Energy optimised feed process with stud arrival sensor

Shorter cycle times

  • Optimised LM drive
  • Integration pneumatics (valve cluster in weld head)

Further components of T-series