Rivet Finishes


POP® Rivets are supplied with corrosion protective finishes where required. 

  • Steel POP® Rivets are supplied zinc plated and clear passivated as standard and are RoHS, EolV and WEEE compliant. 
  • POP® Rivets in Nickel Copper are supplied zinc plated. 

There are a wide variety of alternative finishes available for aesthetic and environmental needs including:- Xylan, Anodisation & Zinc Nickel.

Base MaterialFinish
SteelZinc plate & Clear CrVI Free Passivate
Nickel CopperZinc plate and Clear Passivate
Stainless SteelClean

Alternative Finishes

We can match your application to a paint colour if required.*

Please enquire to STANLEY Engineered Fastening Customer Service. 


Our corrosion resistant testing procedures conform to automotive industry standards. For more details, please contact STANLEY Engineered Fastening Customer Service.

* Subject to minimum order quantities.