Plastic clips for fastening modules and subassemblies

Plastic nuts for a wide variety of applications.

  • Control units / e-boxes
  • Heat shields / shield plates
  • Accelerator mounting
  • Lamp mounting
  • trays, etc.


The SEF range contains plastic nuts with a wide variety of flange diameters, shapes and lengths for every application.

Despite saving weight when selecting a plastic nut, you can still rely on high mechanical stability and temperature resistance. This is guaranteed by a specially developed plastic with blended fibreglass.


The moulded thread is a great advantage. The preformed thread offers a significantly larger adjustment window between screwing-on and thread overtorque; it can be mounted with less torque while increasing the battery operating life. Ideal for thin sheets and sensitive components.


Modules can be mounted quickly and easily by hand using a pre-assembled plastic clip. The nut is injection-moulded to the clip for a reliable fastening of control boxes and modules.

Plastic nuts from SEF

  • Low weight
  • Moulded thread, low torque application-specific design
  • Cost-effective production
  • Optimised for installation space

Further information on plastic fasteners from SEF