Nut welding with Nutfast - a reliable basis for all your connections

Welding Tucker Nuts to sheet metal - a fast, cost-effective and highly resistant connection.

  • Large scale and force-fit connections with the base plate, hence high resilience (strength classes 8 and 10)
  • Access only needed to one side of workpiece
  • Maximum pressing force when welding < 300 N
  • Very high availability even using flexible robotised mass production
  • Automatic application, low handling costs, up to 30 Tucker Nuts / minute
  • Low energy consumption in comparison with resistance nuts
  • Seamless service right from the start - from nut design to a complete production facility

Tucker Nuts

Tucker Nuts

A fast, highly resistant and cost-effective connection system, M5 to M10

  • Fully automated feed
  • Rounded head to prevent possible damage to cables routed immediately adjacent
  • Can be used as threaded inserts without drilling
  • For fastening all mounted parts
  • High flexural rigidity

Nutfast welding equipment


Nutfast welding equipment is used in automotive manufacturing throughout Europe. It is customised for individual production environments and is characterised by high availability.