Tucker stud welding equipment

Welding metal studs to sheets - easy, efficient and automated. Tucker stud welding opens up completely new dimensions in fastenings.

  • required access from one side using arc welding techniques only
  • fully automated application

A Tucker stud welding facility is composed of various components.

Control and energy source

Control and energy source TE

Welding energy and stud movement controlled in real time - defined penetration depth, etc.

TH and PLM welding tools

Schweißwerkzeuge LM und PLM

Welding tools for automatic, semi-automatic and manual applications, etc.

Software solutions


Software packages: networking software, software for maintenance engineers, data management, etc.



Modern technology requires in-depth knowledge. In the training centre in Giessen theory is converted into practice.

TF feed

Zuführer ETF

Feed units for low-impact separation and a safe feed. 



Accessories for stud welding - feeding switch, test tools, colour marking, etc.

Technical service

Technischer Service

Maintenance and repair at the customer or in our workshops.