The History of STANLEY Engineered Fastening in Europe

"If you are able to make that, you'll never have to worry about purchase orders!"

1880's George Tucker - The Beginnings

  • 1888 George Tucker, a Birmingham, UK based entrepreneur, founds a small business manufacturing eyelets for leather boots in the Bordersley area of the city.
  • 1899 United Shoe Machinery Company (USM) forms in Boston, USA.

1900's Company Formations

  • 1902 American Hardware Corporation forms in Hartford, USA. Becomes known as "Hartford Empire" after acquiring the Empire Machinery Company.
  • 1903 George Tucker Eyelet Company is formed. The Company is acquired by United Shoe Machinery Company (USM).
  • 1909 USM set up a Swedish Distributor In Orebro.

1910 - 1940 The Birth of POP®

  • 1914 George Tucker Eyelet Company becomes UK market leader in the metal eyelet and lace hook business.
  • 1934 George Tucker Eyelet Company is approached by an aircraft manufacturer for assistance in the development of a new type of fixing. This new product will become the POP® rivet and has the capability to be set from just one side of the workpiece.
  • 1939 Production output of POP® rivets increases to 3000 million during the second world war and the company moves to larger premises in Perry Barr, Birmingham UK.

1940's Expansion and Efficiency

  • 1945 New markets are found for POP® rivets in Automotive, Domestic Appliance and Metal Furniture applications.
  • 1946 New more efficient rivet manufacturing machinery is developed and installed in the Birmingham factory.

1950's New Products and Entry to the EEC

  • 1955 New products are developed in response to the changing needs of the market. Closed end "Imex" rivets are one example.
  • 1956 Growth opportunities are identified in the EEC. Giessen in Germany is chosen as the ideal location for providing POP® products with access to the European market.
  • 1959 Tucker GmbH is founded in Giessen, Germany. The facility manufactures stamp and drawn parts.

1960 - 1973 Stud Welding Arrives

  • 1971 USM acquires Warren, an American company specialising in plastic parts.
  • 1971 Stud Welding opportunities are identified in Europe and when Audi, Germany place the first European order, for 15 Stud Welding machines, on Warren, USM make the decision to produce them at a location that is convenient to supply Audi and so manufacturing of Stud Welding systems begins in Giessen.
  • 1971 George Tucker Eyelet Company is awarded the "Queen's Award to Industry" in recognition of it's export achievements.
  • 1971 Sistemas de Fijacion Tucker, S.A is founded in Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain. The new facility manufactures POP® products for Southern Europe.
  • 1972 Harttung Fasteners is founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company distributes POP® rivets and other industrial fasteners to the Danish market.
  • 1973 Tucker GmbH acquires Koerber Plastik to complete the "No-Hole System" approach. Giessen now supplied Clip, Stud and Welding equipment to the Automotive industry with great success.

1974 Growth and Diversification

  • 1974 USM reponds to significant growth in overseas business by building new, dedicated POP® rivet factories in the USA, Australia and Japan.
  • 1974 VW requests Tucker GmbH to develop and deliver Stud Welding equipment with parameter monitoring.
  • The customer is quoted as saying "if you are able to deliver that, you'll never have to worry about purchase orders!". Tucker GmbH develop and deliver the new system to VW and, even today, VW has remained a loyal Tucker customer.
  • 1974 Tucker GmbH develop and launch X-mas tree studs which enable the manual assembly of plastic fasteners during the Automotive assembly process.
  • 1974 George Tucker Eyelet Company becomes Tucker Fasteners Ltd. to reflect the company's diverse range of products, which now includes POP® Riveting systems, Tucker Stud Welding systems and, at that time, construction products and fuse caps.

1975 - 1980 Emhart

  • 1976 Emhart is founded as a new corporation by the merger of USM and Hartford Empire.
  • Tradex Oy, a Finnish POP® Distributor, is acquired by Emhart and becomes Emhart Finland.
  • The Tucker and USM member companies now become part of STANLEY Engineered Fastening.
  • 1979 A new plant for complete stud production is installed in Giessen.

1980's Awards for Giessen and Black & Decker

  • 1982 Tucker GmbH receives an award for "Best Emhart Group Company" in recognition of it's impeccable production and supply processes and the continuing satisfaction of it's customers.
  • 1982 The POP® porfolio now includes POPNut® Threaded Insert Systems.
  • 1989 Black and Decker Corporation acquires Emhart which now employs 50,000 people worldwide.

1990 - 1993 The Range Extends

  • 1991 Giessen POP® rivet production is moved back to the Birmingham factory.
  • 1992 Plastifast is developed and launched.
  • 1992 POP® LSR rivets are developed and launched in response to the increased usage of composite materials in many Automotive and Industrial applications.
  • 1992 POP® SED closed end rivets with increased strength are developed in response to a request from the airbag industry. 
  • 1993 Tucker GmbH open a new plastics manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic to serve the growing local market.

1997 A Very Busy Year

  • Tucker Fasteners Ltd completes the refurbishment of the Birmingham factory which incorporates new cellular and modular manufacturing processes to improve efficiency.
  • POP® TVD Closed end stainless steel rivets are developed and launched.
  • Weldfast metal bracket welding systems and Nutfast nut welding systems are developed and launched.
  • Self Piercing Riveting becomes part of the Tucker portfolio.
  • Harttung Fasteners, Denmark becomes an Emhart company.

2000 - 2006 100 Years and Still Going Strong

  • 2000 Tucker GmbH opens the new state-of-the-art plastics manufacturing facility in Giessen.
  • 2002 POP® SEK and FSR Rivets are developed and launched in response to internal space saving demands of the electronics cabinets industry.
  • 2003 Tucker Birmingham celebrates its centenary.
  • 2006 ProSet® Rivet Power Tool range is launched. The new tools have many market leading features including a high force-to-weight ratio.

2009 More New Products and Celebrations

  • 2009 POP® Vgrip™ is developed and launched in response to Automotive demands for a Multi-Grip rivet with improved performance characteristics.
  • 2009 POPNut® PC Pneumatic Control Tools are launched. The tools have the ability to set across multiple grip thicknesses without stroke adjustment.
  • 2009 Tucker GmbH celebrates it's 50 year history.
  • 2009 Emhart Teknik, Sweden celebrates it's centenary.

2010 - Present Day A STANLEY Black&Decker Inc. Company

  • 2010 Black and Decker merge with STANLEY Works to become STANLEY Black&Decker Corporation.
  • 2012: Tucker Fasteners Ltd. Birmingham Manufacturing facility closed, two thirds of the POP manufacturing is transferred to the German location in Giessen.
  • 2013 Emhart Teknologies acquires Infastech and both now form STANLEY Engineered Fastening.