Strong Brands

STANLEY Engineered Fastening has some of the strongest brand names that are renowned in fastening and assembly technology worldwide.

Our European Product Line Brands include:


Tucker® incorporates automated fastening and joining systems such as Stud Welding Equipment, Weld Studs, Weldfast® and brackets, Nutfast® and Tucker Nuts as well as Mechanical Joining (SPR) and self pierce rivets. 

INTEGRA® incorporates a broad variety of Engineered Plastic Fasteners for the Automotive industry and further applications. 


POP® Riveting Systems - An extensive range of Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Systems.
POP® incorporates Vgrip®, POPSet®, and ProSet®.

Avdel® - An extensive range of Blind Rivets, Setting Tools and Systems.
Avdel® incorporates Avibulb®, Neospeed®, Fastriv® and many other successful brands.


POPNut® - An extensive range of Threaded Inserts, Setting Tools and Systems.
POPNut® incorporates Jack Nut® and WellNut®.

Masterfix®  - Wide variety of Blind rivets, Tools and Blind rivet nuts.


High-performance tightening tools, articulating arms and torque tubes.


Spiralock® - Fastening Solutions for internally threaded products.


The following STANLEY Engineered Fastening Global Brand is supplied in Europe through distribution partners:

Helicoil® Precision formed screw thread coils, STI taps, Installation Tools, Gauges and Tang break-off tools.


Tucker®, Weldfast®, Plastifast®, Plasti-Kwick®, Nutfast®, POP®, POPNut®, ProSet®, Vgrip®, Jack Nut®, WellNut®, ProSet®, Masterfix®, Spiralock®, Dodge®, Gripco®, Heli-Coil® are registered trademarks of STANLEY Engineered Fastening. POP Bolt™, POPSet™ are trademarks of STANLEY Engineered Fastening.