Understanding Customer Success

When it comes to STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s approach to meeting our customers’ needs, one word stands out - understanding. From the onset of any project, we try to understand our customer’s issues and find a solution that successfully solves them. We don’t merely want to provide a fastener based on a need, we want to fully understand the application and provide the best possible technical and commercial solution.

One critical way we understand our customers’ needs is by going directly to them and seeing first-hand what their situation requires. We talk to them, we make sure we understand what they’re looking for, and then we begin designing a solution that will meet their particular application. This type of one-on-one interaction is what truly makes STANLEY Engineered Fastening different. We don’t just sell products, we sell total solutions.

By putting the interest of our customers ahead of all of our actions, STANLEY Engineered Fastening is able to consistently exceed the expectations of these customers across all aspects of the design and production process. We offer training and consulting services to help our customers make better use of our systems, and we provide intensive service coverage through customized service contracts that last the life of those systems. Through these approaches and more, we are continually strengthening customer intimacy.

As we move forward, STANLEY Engineered Fastening will continue to focus on and improve our current technologies as we develop new ones for our customers. By always striving for improvement, we can continue to ensure that the solutions we develop are precisely tailored to our customers’ goals and expectations. Robust and energy efficient systems as well as sophisticated components for car manufacturing of today and tomorrow, always themed: Their success is our success.

Thomas Ehrhardt
Managing Director & President Global Automotive
STANLEY Engineered Fastening
Tucker GmbH