Extended grip range with excellent claim properties and a wide blind side after setting, Vgrip™ is an fastening solution a firm joint across the varying grip thicknesses of outer panels and framework of an electronics cabinet.

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Steel Hexagonal Body Large Flange POPNut®

Extra torque resistance and application sheet support. This threaded insert is the best solution for providing internal threads for components assembly in thin sheets.

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Terminal Tag Rivet

We offer a range of Copper body POP® Rivets assembled with 2, 4 or 6 terminals. Ideal for providing electrical conductivity.

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Micro Rivets

Tiny POP® Rivets for PCB assembly. The Micro Rivet range have a 2mm diameter body and are available in a variety of lengths to suit grip thicknesses up to 8.0mm.

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POP® Micro rivets are set with ease using the lightweight and compact ProSet®1600 pneumatic power tool.

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Ideal for the demands of the electronics industry production line, the ProSet® 2500 Mid-range power tool is lightweight, reliable with a high force-to-weight ratio and has a setting capacity up to 4.8mm POP® rivets.

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TVD Closed end Stainless Steel Rivet

Stainless steel POP® rivet with wide blind side expansion providing additional support to framework applications. TVD is also water and pressure tight.

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Self Clinching Fasteners

Nuts, studs and standoff's that provide load bearing threads in thin sheet.

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SK - Steel Thin Countersunk Rivet

Closed end, watertight POP® Rivet with thin countersunk head for a flush setting in thin sheet materials.

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Steel POPNut® with Reduced Head

The reduced head thickness of this countersunk POPNut® threaded insert makes it ideal for use in thin sheet applications requiring a load bearing thread for subsequent component assembly. Used for the assembly of door handles, brackets and cabinet feet.

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POPNut® PC Power Tools

POPNut® PC Power Tools automatically adjust the setting force allowing consistent setting acroos multiple grip thicknesses without the need for stroke adjustment. There are 2 tools in the range:-

  • PNT800L-PC Setting capacity from M4 to M10 Stainless Steel POPNut®
  • PNT1000L-PC Setting capabity from M6 to M12 Stainless Steel POPNut®

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TD - Watertight and Corrosion Resistant Rivet

Closed end, water tight, stainless steel POP® rivet provides a corrosion resistant setting in applications which are exposed to the elements.

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Grounding with Tucker Weldstuds

Ground contact with painted cover; Tucker ground studs are installed easily, automatically and efficiently as units ready to mount using arc welding. More safety at less cost!

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