Frame assembly applications require rivets with High shear and tensile strength. 

HS (High Strength) POP® rivets are the perfect solution. This 6.4mm diameter POP® rivet has the strength of an M6 bolt and provides excellent claim performace to pull workpiece plates together.

The setting load is spread by the wide blind side of the rivet and the mandrel head is positively retained eliminating any subsequent loose debris from mandrel heads.

The HS rivet is supplied with a grooved mandrel for increased setting tool jaw life.

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Delivering 18.5kN of pulling force, ProSet®3400 has been designed to set a wide range of POP® rivets including 6.4mm diameter High Strength and Stainless Steel rivets. 

The tool has a "highest in class" force-to-weight ration of 9.7 kN/kg and includes many innovative features to ease operator fatigue and faciltate tool maintenance.

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Vgrip™ POP® Rivets are ideal for assembling application sheets of varying grip thicknesses.

The range is available in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless steel and features a wide blind side expanion to optimise the load bearing area, retained mandrel head to eliminate rattle and any risk of head ejection and a grooved stem to optimise tool jaw grip and jaw life.

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Stainless Steel and Nickel Copper Alloy POP® Rivets

We offer a wide range of POP® Rivets suitable for clinical and high temperature environments.  Stainless steel POP® rivets offer corrosion resistance and Nickel Copper Alloy POP® rivets maintain set strength in high temperatures up to 400 degrees C.

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ProSet® Rivet Power Tools

The ProSet® Rivet Power Tool range has been designed to set the full range of POP® rivets from 2mm - 6.4mm diameter in rivet materials from Pure Aluminium to Stainless Steel. With High force-to-weight ratio and an innovative ergonomic design these tools offer maximum user efficiency and comfort and reliable line-side performance. Check out the many other features and benefits of this tool range.

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POP® Rivet Presenter (RP)

Designed for use with ProSet® POP® Rivet Power Tools, the Rivet Presenter System offers single-handed, high-speed rivet feeding and setting. The feeder bowl has capacity for up to 1000 POP® rivets and can be refilled in a few seconds. The system eliminates manual rivet feeding and is, therefore, ideal for "whte glove" mnaufacturing environments.

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Splined Rivet

POP® Rivet designed with splined body and flange to improve electrical continuity in pre-painted metal sheets such as those found in the white goods industry.

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Earth Terminal Rivet

We offer a range of Copper body POP® Rivets assembled with 2, 4 or 6 terminals. Ideal for providing electrical conductivity. 

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Closed end, watertight POP® Rivet with thin countersunk head for a flush setting in thin sheet materials.

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Large Flange Hexagonal POPNut®

This Threaded Insert has a large flange which provides extra support to thin sheet applications and covers uneven holes. The Hex body shape is ideal for subsequent components assembly requiring high torque up. Often used to secure application unit feet such as those found on vending and washing machines and cookers.

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POPNut® PC Power Tools

The Pneumatic Control (PC) range of POPNut® power tools automatically adjust the setting force applied to the insert being installed. This enables consistent setting across multiple grip thicknesses without the need for stroke adjustment.

There are two tools in the PC tool range:

PNT800L-PC Setting capacity M4 to M10 Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

PNT1000L-PC Setting capacity M6 to M12 Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

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POP® Rivets

We offer a wide range of POP® rivets for components assembly in Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel and in diameters from 2.0 to 6.4mm. Paint matched rivets can be made to order. *

*Subject to minimum order quantities

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