Stabilisation of Hollow Profiles with Weldfast

Metal parts of any shape can be welded on directly. Simple, efficient and automated like stud welding.  

  • No more contact surface for corrosion - joining without gaps
  • Flat welded joint along almost the whole profile
  • Simplified assembly - access to the welding point is only required on one side
  • Can be fully automated - up to six pieces per minut

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Structural POP® Rivets

UG Structural POP® Rivets offer High Shear strength across wide grip ranges.  The product also features excellent pull-up capability, provides hole fill and the resultant set product is rattle free. 

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Watertight Stainless POP® Rivet

Ideal for exhaust and pipe systems, TVD Stainless steel POP® rivet has a wide blind side expansion providing additional support to the pipe work material. TVD is also watertight.

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ProSet®3400 High Capacity Tool

High Capacity POP® Rivet power tool with the capacity to set a wide range of blind rivets including High Strength rivets and 6.4mm diameter stainless steel UG rivets. 

ProSet®3400 has a "highest in class" force-to-weight ratio of 9.7kN/kg making it ideal for the demands of the Heavy Duty Vehicle sector.

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Vgrip™ is ideal for many door module applications including window winder and speaker assembly. The aluminium version is soft setting which protects the application materials during the assembly process. Vgrip has a wide blind side expansion which increases tensile strength and is completely rattle free.

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Pulley Rivet

This stepped POP® rivet was designed to act as a pivot to allow free rotation of window winder pulley wheels. The stepped portion can be tailored to individual requirements.

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POP® "Stop" Rivet

This Unique POP® rivet was designed to act as a "stop" point for the window opening operation. The black neoprene cover absorbs the impact of the downward force, reducing noise.

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LSR Soft Setting for Dashboards

LSR Aluminium soft setting POP® rivets are ideal for use in vulnerable, friable and other soft materials making them ideal for dashboard applications. The LSR POP® rivet is extremely lightweight too!

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Wire Fixation on Xmas Tree Studs

Cable straps, winder clips, cable retainers, cable channels and parts for reliable ground connection with anti-rotation protection are all part of the fastening concept for wiring systems. A selection of standard parts is available to all customers; where required, we can develop parts to match customers' specifications.

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SED Easy-Entry and Strong Joints

SED Steel closed end POP® Rivets offer many features to aid seating application assembly. The product has a "lead-in feature" body to allow easy entry into slotted or mis-aligned holes. SED provides excellent hole fill for good joint construction, the mandrel is grooved for increased tool jaw life and the mandrel head is retained after setting. The aluminium version is ideal for airbag assembly.

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Pipe & Tube fixation

Easy manual clip assembly on Xmas tree thread through a perfectly adjusted stud collet. Pressing forces < 50 N are no problem. Noise and vibration insulation through decoupling design, both 1K and 2K available.

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LSR - Colour Matched

Suitable for thin and vulnerable materials, LSR POP® rivets can be supplied colour matched to the application. Frequently used in number plate applications with the addition of a plastic covering cap for aesthetic and corrosion resistance purposes. 

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V.I.N Plate POP® Rivet

POP® Rivet with logo embossed onto flange for fastening V.I.N plates to dashboards. This embossing provides extra security and validity identification.

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Stainless Steel Watertight POPNut® Threaded Inset

We offer a range of AISI 304 stainless steel POPNut® Threaded Inserts to provide load bearing internal threads that are corrosion resistant and watertight. Ideal for the heavier components being assembled to heavy duty vehicles. Available in M4 - M8 thread sizes for grip thicknesses from 0.5 - 3.0mm.

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