POP® Rivets for Hostile Environments

Closed end POP® Rivets in Nickel Copper are suitable for extremely hostile and high temperature environments. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications such as the assembly of roof top ventilation units.

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Vgrip™ Multi-Grip POP® Rivet sets with a neat, symmetrical single roll, single bulge blind side in all grip thicknesses. This gives a superior finish compared to other Multi-Grip rivets. Ideal for applications with varying grip thicknesses where a tidy setting is important.

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Ideal for the demands of the production lines of the Sheet Metal Industry, ProSet®2500 Pneumatic Rivet Power Tool is lightweight and reliable with a high force to weight ratio and many other designed in features that ease operator fatigue and speed up tool maintenance. The tool has a setting capacity up to 4.8mm diameter POP® rivets. 

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Superior Torque with Knurled POPNut®

Knurled POPNut® Threaded Inserts in Steel provide load bearing internal threads for component assembly. The knurled body feature can provide superior torque resistance. Choose from our extensive range of POPNut® Threaded Inserts.

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POPNut® PC Power Tools

The Pneumatic Control (PC) range of POPNut® power tools automatically adjust the setting force applied to the insert being installed. This enables consistent setting across multiple grip thicknesses without the need for stroke adjustment.

There are two tools in the PC tool range:

  • PNT800L-PC Setting capacity M4 to M10 Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts
  • PNT1000L-PC Setting capacity M6 to M12 Stainless Steel Threaded Inserts

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POP® Rivet Range

For interior applications we offer a diverse range of POP® Rivets. From Aluminium to Stainless Steel in 2mm to 6.4mm diameter with domed, countersunk and large flange head styles, each POP® rivet is designed to provide you with the ideal setting performance for your application needs.

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High Speed POP® Riveting

Used in conjuntion with a POP® Rivet Power Tool, the Rivet Presenter System offers single handed, high speed rivet feeding and setting which will improve the productivity of any production line. The system is for use with POP® rivets from 3.2mm to 4.8mm.

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POP® Rivets for Electric Applications

We offer a wide range of POP® rivets designed especially for electrical applications. Rivets are available in micro sizes for the assembly of tiny components and with reduced countersunk heads for space saving requirements. Our Terminal tag rivets are suitable for providing conductivity. We have also developed a range of double countersunk rivets which set flush on both sides of the application for maximum space saving.

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POPNut® Threaded Inserts

We offer a wide range of POPNut® threaded inserts to provide you with the ideal setting for your application material. Ideal for component assembly in application thicknesses from 0.5mm to 7.5mm with thread sizes from M3 to M12, POPNut® threaded inserts can provide versatility to sheet metal application designs.

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POPNut® Hand Tools

POPNut® Hand Tools are ideal for a wide range of applications including light engineering work and on-site component repair and maintenance.  Our range includes professional hand pliers and Lever tools with setting capacity for M3 - M12 threaded inserts.

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Painted POP® Rivets

We can provide POP® rivets matched to your application colour*. Simply provide the RAL or Pantone reference or a sample of your application.

*Subject to minimum order quantities.

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