Mechanical joining by Tucker - Self-Piercing Rivets and Punch Rivets in one system

Where spot welding ends, self-piercing riveting begins. Form-fit sheet joins of different materials without pre-punching - nearly effortlessly.

Tucker SPRs

Tucker Stanzniete

The connecting element for joining aluminium parts, mixed connections and combined joining and gluing without emissions. The special shape of the rivet guarantees high stability.

  • Higher dynamic stability than resistance spot welding
  • Fully automated feed
  • Riveting without pre-punching

Tucker equipment for joining

Tucker-Geräte für Fügetechnik

Tucker equipment for joining systems combine two technologies in one modular system: Self-piercing riveting with a semi-hollow rivet or punch rive.

These techniques are used to join materials which cannot be welded easily:

These include

  • Aluminium - aluminium
  • Aluminium - steel
  • High tensile steel