Nutfast welding equipment

A Nutfast equipment is customised for your specific application. Robotised, static or manual, exactly according to your requirements.
The equipment comprises:


DCE 1500 control and energy unit , for up to 5 outlets, with serial or parallel customer interface


ETF 46 feed unit for all Nutfast applications, stockpiling of up to 8,000 Tucker Nuts, adjustment control according to charging level


LM 245 weld head for static application


LM 315 weld head for robotised or static application


PLM 205 weld gun for semi-automatic applications


PLM 565 weld gun for manual applications

This process guarantees splatter-free threads. The maximum pressing force (< 300 N) applied when welding Tucket Nuts makes Nutfast the preferred process for welding on all standard sheet metals, including dual phase steel. A standard facility can weld Tucker Nuts to sheet thicknesses of 0.6-10 mm.