POPNut Threaded Insert Geometry

The POPNut® Threaded Insert range has been designed to provide the perfect solution for your application requirements.

The geometry concerning Body Type and Head Style is explained below:

Body Type



Used for general purpose applications.


Round, Linear Grooves.

Provides improved resistance to turning in round holes, especially in softer materials such as engineering plastics.


Used in conjunction with a hexagon hole to give maximum resistance to applied torque or unscrewing torque.

All of the above Body Types can be supplied Open or Closed End


Open End

Most popular style. The body of an Open end POPNut® has optimum length with minimum blind side protrusion. The bolt length is not critical provided that the bolt engages all of the POPNut® threads.


Closed End.

Used where ingress of moisture past the securing bolt is required. For pressure tight applications a seal beneath the flange may be required.

Head Style



Most popular head style. Provides a good bearing area for application surface and for bolted-on parts.



Used for flush head setting, requires a countersink in the application.

Recommend flush or slight head projection above the surface of the application for maximum face contact and clamp.



User for near flush setting as an alternative to countersinking. Not recommended for holes with wide tolerances or with soft ductile material.