Electronics Rivets

We offer a range of POP® Rivets designed especially for electronic and electrical applications:

Micro Rivet

Range of 2.0mm diameter aluminium rivets ideal for tiny assemblies such as those found in PCB and other electronic applications.

Grip ranges up to 8.0mm. 

Terminal Tag Rivet

Copper body rivet and tag assembly for electrical conductivity. 


  • Splines on body to aid  efficient earthing connection in pre-painted sheets.
  • Range of single or multiple tag assemblies available.

Splined Rivet

Steel rivet designed with splined body and flange to improve electrical continuity in pre-painted metal sheets,


  • More contact area under flange after setting.
  • Deep vertical body grooving to penetrate paint file and provide imrpoved contact with the bore of the hole.
  • Zinc and Clear passivation to meet WEEE requirements.