Rivet Features & Benefits

POP® Rivets are designed to provide setting features to benefit the relevant application. See the Icon Glossary below:

Primary Features & Benefits

General Purpose

General Purpose Rivets can be used in a wide range applications with low load bearing requirements.

Wide Grip Range

Rivets designed to accomodate a wider grip range provide the benefit of reducing inventory and easing line-side product control.

Water / Pressure Tight

Designed with a completely closed body, these rivets are ideal for applications that need to be water/pressure tight.

High Pull-Up Capability

Rivets designed with High Pull-Up Capability can overcome air gaps that are present before assembly and bring the application pieces together before final rivet setting takes place.

Large Secondary Expansion

Large Secondary Expansion has the benefit of spreading the load during the rivet setting process. This prevents buckling of the blind side material. The subsequent set end provides additional support and increased tensile strength.

Load Spreading

Load Spreading rivets are designed specifically for applications with soft, weak and brittle materials. The rivets are designed with "legs" or "petals" that expand, reducing the setting force required.

Lead-In Feature

We offer a range of closed end rivets that have a Lead-In feature at the top of the rivet body to facilitate easy entry into application holes.

Improved Strength

Structural POP® rivets have Improved Strength when compared to other POP® rivet ranges. They are ideal for Heavy Duty applications.

Good for Wood

Rivets designed to fasten within the no-through hole that has been drilled into the wood or other soft/fibrous materials. The rivets expand and "bite" into the wood creating a firm, secure setting.

Secondary Features & Benefits

No Rattle

There are many POP® rivet ranges that have been designed to provide a rattle free joint. This is a secondary feature & benefit of the ranges listed below.

See these rivet ranges in our e-catalogue:

Positively Retained Stem

Rivets designed with Positively Retained Stem retain the mandrel stem in the shear plane after setting. This increases strength, prevents rattle and stops mandrel heads falling into enclosed applications.This is a secondary feature & benefit of the ranges listed below.

See these ranges in e-catalogue: