Special POP Rivet - Design Solutions

We support the application needs of our customers by designing and manufacturing Special POP® Rivets.*

Here are some examples:

Stepped Rivet

  • Available in Aluminium and Steel.
  • Adjustable stepped diameter design.
  • Step material can be made from plastic or rubber.

"Stop" Rivet

  • Designed to act as a "stop" point for the window winder operation.
  • The neoprene cover absorbs the impact of the downward force and reduces noise.

FSX Chamfered Flange Rivet

  • Provides underhead space for easy cap cover assembly.
  • Rivet design offers excellent hole filling and rattle free setting.
  • Hard wearing, corrosion resistant finish.

LSR with Moulded Flange

  • Colour matched plastic moulded flange.
  • Provides total corrosion resistance in exposed applications.
  • Soft setting rivet design ideal for composite assembly.

V.I.N Plate Rivet

  • Customer logo embossed on flange.
  • Tamper proof fastener to defer theft and provide vehicle authenticity.
  • Colour matched to vehicle interior.

* Special POP® Rivet Design Solutions are subject to minimum order quantities.