Rivet Types

Different rivet types for different applications. Choose from the following categories:

Break Stem Open


Multi-Grip rivet with excellent claim properties.

Closed End

Load Spreading Rivet (LSR)

Load spreading rivet ideal for use in vulnerable material.

Multi-Grip Rivet (MGR)

General purpose Multi-Grip rivet accommodates a wider grip range.


Electronics Rivets

We offer a range of POP® Rivets designed especially for electronic and electrical applications.


Ideal for joining softer and brittle materials.


Good for wood and blind non-through holes.

Steel "T" Rivet (STR)

Ideal for use in wood, provides high resistance to pull out loads.


Unique closed end stainless steel rivet for additional support.

High Strength Rivet (HS)

6.4mm Diameter POP rivet range with the strength of an M6 bolt.

Ultra-Grip Rivet (UG)

High shear and tensile strength with wide grip range capability.


Peel rivet with pull-up capability.

High Retention Rivet (HR)

Exceptional pull-up capability and increased blind side expansion.

Special Design Solutions

We support the application needs of our customers by designing and manufacturing Special POP® Rivets.