The POP® Vgrip® rivet has it all!

Vgrip® has extended grip range capabilities and a highly aesthetic in-place appearance. With excellent claim properties, a wide blind side after setting and many other designed in features, Vgrip™ provides you with first class fastener performance.

New Variant Vgrip: SO (Soft Set) for blindside weak materials

Vgrip® SO has a special swaging design, which needs lower stem break load for setting. The axial load to the material stack is reduced.

Key Benefits

  • Extended Grip Range Capability.
  • Excellent Claim Properties.
  • Large Blind Side.
  • Positively Retained Mandrel Head.
  • Rattle Free Setting.
  • Grooved Stem for Optimum Tool Jaw Life.

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Head Style / MaterialAlMg 2.5Steel




Large Flange