Control and energy unit for Tucker stud welding equipment

The DCE equipment generation is a power source developed by STANLEY Engineered Fastening especially for stud welding. Up to 5 welding tools can be connected to a DCE. Reliable application on aluminium, steel, stainless steel or highly rigid thin sheets has established itself in all industries.
Over 11,000 TUCKER welding units are in operation around the globe. This experience and intensive contact with practical applications continuously generate new ideas which we have implemented in the DCE control and energy unit.


The DCE controls and regulates the whole welding and feeder process via all field bus systems in the market (such as Interbus, Profibus, Profinet and DeviceNet). The integrated parameter and process monitoring function ensures consistent welding results.

Tucker control and energy sources are available in different models:


The DCE 1500 / DCE 1800 for fully automatic applications


DCE 1500 AC for aluminium applications


DCE 15HA without customer interface for manual applications


THA 1500 for small series, repairs and reworking stations

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