Fastening with Tucker weld studs

For every fastening task there is a matching stud geometry. Choose one of the following applications.

Threaded stud

Coarse thread for plastic parts, metric thread for metal nuts, with or without paint clearing thread - here you can find the threaded stud you need.

Locking stud

Locking studs for quick and easy fastening of modules, e.g. accelerator module.

Washer studs

Tucker washer studs have an expanded surface for fastening components with large cut-outs. The pre-assembled washer allow no-hole fastening of mud guards, windscreen wipers, glove compartments, cockpit, lighting, etc.

T studs / stepped studs

T studs / stepped studs are particularly suited for limited installation space, trim, wheel arch moulds, cable loom fastening, etc.

Bowl studs

Bowl studs are used to mount moving parts and for torqueless assembly and disassembly of components.

Further information on Tucker weld studs