Flange shaping for Tucker weld studs

Tucker weld studs can perform various tasks depending on the flange shape.

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Tucker weld studs with standard flange are suitable for fastening various plastic and metal parts. They are used when no torque load or decoupling from the body shell is required for the welded connection.



Tucker large flange stud has a large contact surface for components or plastic clips. Forces, e.g. tensile strength, which act on a part, can be decoupled from the body. The load on the body shell is reduced to a minimum.



Tucker weld studs with double flange cover the welding bead which occurs when welding using a standard flange stud. In comparison with the large flange, the double flange shape is not sufficient for fastening parts which require stress relief in the join area.



Tucker weld studs with ring flange were developed for use in lightweight vehicle construction . Highly rigid steels and noise suppression plates are their main areas of use. The function of the stud remains the same: fastening, ground connect, centring

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