Tucker stud welding in lightweight vehicle construction


The material mix in modern lightweight vehicles is seeing highly rigid steel or noise suppression plates being used increasingly.

Welding studs with spot shaped flanges causes problems of stability; in noise suppression plates the danger arises that a layer can be melted through and the plastic coating damaged.

Instead of using expensive insert nuts, rivets or screw solutions, the Tucker ring flange stud is the optimum solution. Its large contact surface guarantees transferability of torque and other resistances which was previously not possible.


Aluminium is being used in an increasing amount in automotive production since the 1990s. From the very start, STANLEY Engineered Fastening collaborated closely with the automotive industry and developed extensive know-how.
In the first mass-produced vehicles with a purely aluminium body, STANLEY Engineered Fastening was a 100% supplier for weld studs and welding systems. Today, Tucker aluminium weld studs can be found wherever aluminium parts are used.

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