Special shapes for Tucker weld studs

There are special Tucker weld studs for special tasks

Tucker locking pin


Tucker locking pins for mounting modules such as accelerator modules. Locking pins have an undercut, allowing torqueless manual assembly (snap-in) of various modules and components. 

Tucker bowl studs


Tucker bowl studs are used to mount moving parts and for the torqueless assembly and disassembly of components.   

Tucker washer studs


Tucker washer studs have an expanded surface for fastening components with large cut-outs.
The pre-assembled washer allows no-hole fastening of mud guards, windscreen wipers, glove compartments, cockpit, lighting, etc.

Tucker studs for special applications


There is always a Tucker weld stud for every application. Expanded flange height for use in insulation mats and carpets, stud especially for external start-up or extended thread for fastening several components are just a small selection.

Further information on Tucker weld studs