Tucker T studs and stepped studs


Tucker T studs and stepped studs are particularly suited for limited installation space, such as trim, wheel arch moulds, cable loom fastening, etc.

They are welded on the shaft, the stud head is used as an arrestor for the fastening elements. Despite their small size and low installation height in relation to the component, they offer very high stability values in a welded connection.


In combination with customised plastic fastener elements, Tucker T and stepped studs are the perfect solution for limited installation space.

Reliable welding processes with a defined below head height have been tried and tested in mass production. The benefits of fully automatic processing of studs and no-hole fastening can be fully exploited here. Corrosion is minimised, the fastening point can be easily changed during the project phase, assembly can be performed quickly and easily by hand.

Further information on Tucker weld studs