Technical service at STANLEY

We offer a whole range of services in order to ensure the availability of your process equipment throughout its whole service life:
From planning to proactive support by fully trained staff when setting up the construction site through to long-term maintenance contracts, STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a customised service package to suit every customer's needs.

  • Training centre
  • Repairs, refurbishments, general overhaul of welding and joining systems
  • Installation of new facilities
  • Maintenance contracts

Our in-house repair and maintenance centre directly incorporated in our production unit in Giessen allows us to offer fast and professional repairs, overhauls, maintenance and conversions.   
Are you interested? Contact us! We develop service models with you that are optimized to the systems used in your environment.


NEW: Tucker 2nd Life Pro

Refurbish instead of new procurement –
an economic and ecologic strategy!

Tucker offers refurbishment of its installed studwelding and self-piercing riveting equipment. Details see in this brochure.